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Having a personal injury attorney on your side offers many benefits for your claim and recovery.

Have you been injured due to someone else's negligence? If so, it is highly likely that you deserve compensation. However, unless you are an attorney yourself, you are hardly likely to know the best way to go about securing this compensation.

Here are 5 reasons you should call a personal injury attorney for help after an accident rather than trying to manage your case yourself or worse, getting advice from an insurance company.

1.) You May Not Know Your Rights

Depending on whether you have been injured in a traffic accident, a slip and fall accident, a dog bite accident, or some other type of accident, different legal principles and precedents may apply and affect the strength of your legal position in the case. This can all be very confusing for the layperson, but not for an experienced personal injury attorney in Lake County, Illinois like James DiBella. By consulting Attorney DiBella, you can get an expert and honest opinion as to whether or not you really do have a strong case for compensation. Attorney DiBella only takes cases he believes in so you can rest assured he will never lead you on or give you a unrealistic view of your case.

2.) You Need Help Calculating Compensation

While the party who caused your accident may be very apologetic and perhaps even offer to pay for your medical bills, it is important to recognize that the compensation you deserve actually goes far beyond just your current medical bills. You may also require compensation for future medical costs, such as for additional surgeries or medications. If your injury has left you unable to work, you will also need compensation for lost income and/or lost earning power. And finally, there is the issue of compensation for pain and suffering. This is the toughest type of compensation to calculate, so you definitely want the input of an experienced personal injury attorney in Lake County, Illinois.

3.) You Need an Expert for Settlement Negotiations

Most personal injury cases are resolved in negotiations rather than in court. However, you still need an attorney—and not just any attorney, but one like James DiBella who is a skilled negotiator. With help from Attorney DiBella, you will be able to open negotiations with a high, but reasonable number and hopefully reach an agreement that covers your needs and is acceptable to the insurance company.

4.) You May Need to Keep the Possibility of Litigation Open

One reason that every personal injury victim should have an attorney by her side when pursuing a claim is that having an attorney already up to date on the case makes it much easier to file a lawsuit if and when this becomes necessary. Insurance companies know this, and they may be more open to a favorable settlement if they see that you have a personal injury attorney in Lake County, Illinois who is prepared and willing to take them to court if they do not treat you fairly.

5.) Finally, Attorney DiBella offers free initial consultations.

I want to help personal injury victims understand their rights and options in pursuing claims. To request your consultation, please call us.

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